Canon printer dies - nobody came to the funeral

End of a short lived printer!!
I am used to using Large Format Printers in my printing business before I retired so I have always tended to favour HP and Canon machines in the 44" plus area. On retiring, I was unable to fit my Hp Z3100 in the spare bedroom at home and so, having disposed of these larger machines, I bought a Canon iPF6300 24" LFP. Never having been a fan of Epson in the past as I have come across many instances of banding and blocked jets, I did not even look at the larger printers in the Epson range - to my regret. The Canon (at a cost of £2200) lasted 15 months before things started to go wrong. By then it was out of warranty and Canon did not show the slightest interest, not even replying to my emails. In the end it failed completly and would cost as much as a new one to repair. Now without a decent printer, I had to look around for a replacement. HP were out of the game, they only make 24" above and I had had enough of that. Canon LFP - no way!! Canon A3 printers were good in terms of print quality, but on checking reviews on Amazon, their reliablity was not great (what a surprise there!) Eventually I landed on the Epson range. I know a number of Fotospeed sponsored photographers who all use Epson so I started to look at the Epson R3000. Reviews were great, and many of the earlier problems I had seen were gone. After much dithering, I decided to buy one. However before I pressed the "go" button, My wife suggested I look at the Epson Stylus Pro 3880 A2+. Not ofen I listen to her but I am glad I did. Straight out of the box first print, superb. Quality has exceeded all my expectations and in spite of being used to roll feed, it is straight forward to load paper. The manual is a bit vague in parts and often does not make things as clear as they could be, but that is a minor point and anybody using this is going to be fairly competent with this type of printer. The main reason for purchasing this over the R3000 was the savings in ink costs. If you are printing a lot, as I do, then the 80ml carts are better value than the 22.5ml of the 3000. However the extra £430 in purchase price has to be weighed in against that saving and if you only print occasionally, the the 3000 might be a better choice.

I have had no problems with the printer at all. My previous HP9180 used to mark the sheet if things were not perfect and images tended to come out very dark in spite of profiling, not with the Epson. Print quality and ease of use are superb. Build quality is a bit flimsy, but they all are. If you are thinking about buying one of these printers - go for it, you won't regret it.